Experienced Graphic Designer

Location: Portland, OR Area

Looking for an experienced graphic designer for a cutting edge stealth mode startup. Most importantly, we are looking for a cultural fit. We want someone who cares about the environment, loves good food, and wants to spend time with co-workers outside of work.

Our office is our home. You’ll be provided room and board. We have our own chef who is very talented. Just because you live at work doesn’t mean you have to work all the time. Hey we like to have fun gaming, drinking, dancing, etc.

You should be skilled in
Photo editing
Vector based design
Web Design/app design
Print design

If you are interested, let us know submit your resume along with a cover letter to jobs@kundalera.com. Describe yourself as a person as well as your professional qualifications. We also want to see your portfolio. It’s great if you have both a website and a Tumblr blog.

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